Conditions and treatments – Epigenetic Test

Epigenetic Test

We extract four strands of hair with their roots and place them on the oscillator of the S-Drive. Your epigenetic information is digitized and automatically sent via a secure internet connection to our Digital Information Center in Hamburg, Germany.

After submission, the information returns in the form of a broad spectrum study, based on the hemodynamics of the hair and its epigenetic information.

The study obtained contains relevant nutritional information for the functional optimization of the person. It highlights the 5 main categories that need to be addressed and that are shown in order of priority, according to what the human body needs with respect to what is imperative to change, what is convenient or what must be considered.

This includes all the nutritional information, situations of microbial opportunism and toxicity, as well as sensitivity to certain foods and additives that need to stop being consumed.




Estimated Time: 30 mins | Consult Fee: $55 USD