Conditions and treatments – Knee


Leah Rasmussen

I was looking for goverment study, so that I can participate in it, I was really interested in Stem Cells Treatment and I couldn’t found a study that was still open close to where I live so I started to look at cloncluded goverment studies that had good results and I actually end finding Novastem clinic.


Whether you are a runner or were one, the wear and tear of your knee joint is going to be suffering from acute or chronic inflammation. Changes can occur in several places at once or they start in one place and evolve to another site. For example, the cartilage loss may cause bone erosion and misalignment of the joint that can cause by itself, elongation of stabilizing ligaments of the knee. Or maybe it was bone inflammation that caused the cartilage deterioration. So we put ourselves in a chicken or egg situation. 

We do not believe in STEROIDS and have NEVER indicated these types of anti inflammatory drugs to our patients. We believe that medicine has evolved to regenerate and repair phase offering the use of biologics that help not only lower inflammation, but promote your own body’s healing mechanisms through cells, growth factors and proteins. 

If you or someone you love has been limited by pain from doing what they love, we can certainly offer a personalized treatment that is right for them.

By evaluating your previous studies and a medical consultation, we may determine a treatment path for you.





Estimated Time: 30 mins | Consult Fee: $55 USD