Hand Pathologies.

Stem cell treatment.

The hands are a special part of our body that accompanies us in every daily task, the hands allow us an extraordinary independence.

As the human being has been evolving and technology is becoming more and more necessary to take care of them since we use them more, for example computers and cell phones, there are hand pathology injuries that become chronic because it is difficult for the patient to make a strict rest in their daily functions.

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The hands and feet are parts of the body that are made up of many muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves. Each hand and foot is composed of 5 fingers and toes, which in turn are made up of several structures, called phalanges.

In the hand, each phalanx has a different name, in the case of the proximal phalanx is known as the first phalanx, the medial phalanx is the second phalanx or also known as phalangina and the distal phalanx is the third phalanx or phalangeta.

All these bones are classified as long bones, and are formed by a head and two articular surfaces at each end, in the case of the one located in the upper area is known as the head, while the one located inferiorly is called the base.

Symptoms of Hand Pathologies

When there is an affection in the hand, the most frequent symptoms are:

What are the causes of Hand Pathologies?

Hands suffer largely from wear and tear, which occurs earlier in men than in women. Other causes that interfere in the pathologies of the hand are:

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Can it be prevented?

Hand Pathologies can be prevented by regular exercises that relax the joints in moments of constant work. These exercises are based on the movement of the wrist and the stretching of the fingers, all of them with the purpose of relaxing the hand, ending the stiffness and making them feel more agile.

What does the treatment consist of?

The treatment applied to the hand depends on the ailment, but all are aimed at recovering the functionality of the limb. Some injuries can be treated with rest and cessation of activity, but some of the fractures and diseases that cause deformities in the limb require surgery. An Orthopedist will be able to give appropriate guidance.

Treatments for hand pathology

Currently, due to the increased use of various technological devices and teleworking, these discomforts are often the cause of medical consultation traumatology.

To treat these pains, the use of wrist braces can be useful. “In most cases, wrist immobilizers help to reduce nighttime discomfort. Unfortunately, when this does not occur, pharmacological or even surgical treatment may be necessary, depending on the patient,” indicates Dr. Aldo Villavicencio.

The specialist recommends going to an assistance center or consulting a physician in order to control the pain and avoid reaching more serious events that may require surgical assistance.

Stem cell treatment for patients with hand pathology

The strictest protocols of acceptance to treat a patient are performed in laboratories before each therapy, patients who have had cancer in the last 5 years are not admitted.

Treatment guided by ultrasound and / or fluoroscopy of a single day with or without anesthesia for direct application in the area to be treated.

It is important to offer new treatment alternatives to these patients to improve their quality of life.

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Novastem. A clinic of competence in stem cell treatment.

Over the years, numerous attempts have been made to discover medical and non-medical treatment options for this condition. In some cases, medical treatments have led to increased survival and improved quality of life, and options for non-medical therapies have emerged. 

Novastem’s goal with our treatments is to reverse the lack of functionality, eliminating pain and allowing you to enjoy 100% of daily activities and life again.

At Novastem we use mesenchymal stem cells derived from bone marrow. The application of the treatment is intravenous, never directly to the heart muscle. 

Novastem has the strictest acceptance protocols to treat a patient, we perform laboratory studies before each therapy.

For more information on how we can help you, schedule an appointment with one of our specialists

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