Hair Restoration.

Hair regeneration treatment with stem cells.

The presence of hair on the human scalp has important biological and psychosocial roles for the individual. Biological functions include providing protection from potentially harmful environmental elements, such as wind and cold temperatures, and dispersing hair follicle products, such as pheromones in non-verbal human interaction. The absence of scalp hair often has a more profound effect, as both the appearance of the individual and the reaction of others to that person are adversely affected. While only 8% of men without baldness mention that losing their hair would worry them, 50% of men with mild hair loss and 75% of men with moderate to severe hair loss say they are concerned about hair loss.

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Hair structure

Hair is made up of three parts: cuticle, cortex and medulla that originate at the root. The cuticle covers the cortex and medulla, and is responsible for defending the hair from external aggressions. If it is damaged, the hair loses its shine and the ends split.

The cortex contains melanin granules that are responsible for coloring and moisturizing the hair. Dyes and perms therefore act on the cortex.

The medulla, on the other hand, receives substances from the root and can be defined as the central column of the hair.

Fat is responsible for moisturizing the hair. Its secretion should be average, because if it is excessive it gives a dirty appearance, but if it is little, the appearance is fragile. Perms or blow-drying reduce hydration, which can damage the hair.

Hair can be damaged by three causes:

What does it consist of?

Hair treatments are applied directly to the scalp and seek to heal the hair and promote healthy hair growth.

Hair diseases can be very diverse

Hair diseases and other problems affecting the hair can be very diverse in terms of their origin and causes. In recent years much progress has been made in this area and it is now very rare not to know why your hair is falling out. Diagnosis may be more delayed due to the increasing number of this type of diseases, but the origin of the problem will almost always be known.

What are the most common scalp diseases? 

These are the ones we will explain briefly below:

Hair diseases of autoimmune origin.

Do you know what an autoimmune disease is?

The immune system protects the body against diseases and infections. Now with coronavirus we have heard a lot about it. Depending on how our immune system reacts, it will protect us more or less against this and other diseases. But, if you have an autoimmune disease, your immune system attacks healthy cells in the body by mistake and can affect many parts of the body.

How can I treat a scalp disease? 

As you have just read, there are several diseases that can affect the scalp, more or less serious, more or less rare, or more or less common. In any case, the specialist will be in charge of making the diagnosis and indicating the most appropriate treatment. That is why it is very important that you go to him when you notice that your hair is falling out or that your scalp is not as usual.

Hair regeneration treatment with stem cells.

Hair regeneration treatments with stem cells are based on the regenerative capacities offered by various types of cells from fatty tissue, mature adipocytes and adipocytes of the Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF).

These cells are able to heal wounds, offer antioxidant protection, as well as act on skin wrinkles.

They can also prove to be efficient in hair regeneration and hair growth stimulation. Especially if we combine regenerative cells derived from fat, pericytes, endotheliocytes, preadipocytes and all the organic molecules or inorganic elements they secrete.

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What is hair treatment?

Hair treatments are treatments applied to the hair to maintain its health and appearance.

Currently there are multiple hair treatments for each problem, for example to treat hair loss, greasy hair, moisturize or give volume.

But before starting a treatment it is necessary to analyze the hair and scalp, as we will ensure that we apply the appropriate treatment according to the need to be addressed.

You need a hair restoration, more information on how we can help you, schedule an appointment with one of our specialists.

How do we do it at Novastem?

Over the years, numerous attempts have been made to discover medical and non-medical treatment options for this condition. In some cases, medical treatments have led to increased survival and improved quality of life, and options for non-medical therapeutics have emerged.

Novastem’s goal with our treatments is to reverse the lack of functionality, eliminating pain and allowing you to enjoy 100% of daily activities and life again.

At Novastem we use mesenchymal stem cells derived from bone marrow, platelet rich plasma PRP for Hair Restoration treatment, with direct application to the scalp.

The facial rejuvenation treatment consists of the extraction of stem cells from adipose tissue or fat through a small liposuction in the abdominal area (because the highest quality cells are found there) and goes through a process of centrifugation and filtration where the stem cells are separated and extracted and applied with microinjections in the areas to be treated.

Novastem has the strictest acceptance protocols to treat a patient, we perform laboratory studies before each therapy.

Novastem has treatments for hair restoration, more information on how we can help you, schedule an appointment with one of our specialists.

For more information on how we can help you, schedule an appointment with one of our specialists

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