Stem Cells for Stroke Testimonials

Hockey legend Gordie Howe received stem cell treatment at Novastem and remarkably recovered from his post-stroke symptoms. Gordie Howe was able to return to his daily activities after a period of pain and paralysis.

Paul came to Novastem after traveling from Vancouver, Canada looking for alternatives to recover from a Stroke suffered on december 2019. On his first visit, he received several doses of stem cells over a 2-day period. Paul’s outstanding results with stem cell treatment for stroke recovery allowed him to return to Vancouver and regain the ability to perform physical activities that he had no longer been able to continue. Paul returned to Novastem for more stem cells for stroke and agree to share his story with us.

Tomás suffered a stroke in September 2020 and thanks to his son’s recommendation of Novastem he was able to regain mobility and improve his health after receiving stem cell therapy.

Stem cell therapy for stroke is not only efficient but its also non-invasive. Patients receive all the benefits without any side-effects.

Joanne and her husband, Gordon, visited us from Alberta, Canada.

She suffered a series of strokes years ago and was looking for stem cell therapy for stroke recovery.

Joanne had already received stem cell therapy in Germany but this time they wanted to travel to a stem cell clinic that was closer to home.

Stem Cells for Chronic Pain Testimonials

Carmelo Zumbo came to Novastem after traveling from Canada looking for alternatives for his back pain.

When his pain began to affect his daily activities, such as playing with his children and going for walks, Carmelo became frustrated when he went to his Canadian doctors and received the news that there was absolutely nothing they could do about it.

Meet Mr. Luquin, he came to Novastem to receive Stem cell therapy for treatment for his chronic back pain.

Stem Cell Treatment for Knee Pain

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) For Chronic Pain

Antonio Inclan suffered from shoulder pain for 25 years after a car crash. 

This shoulder pain was constant and he could not sleep at night. 

His pain was reduced by about 80% after his treatment with Platelet Rich Plasma for Shoulder Pain at Novastem Tijuana, Mexico.

Today Ema García is a joyful woman who can move freely and live a normal life.

Anybody who knows her today is impressed to know she used to be a different woman because of back pain. She was an irritable woman who cannot walk or stand for a long time without having strong pain.

Her life was transformed with a platelet-rich plasma treatment at Novastem.

Alternative Wellness Treatment for Post COVID Symptoms

Esperanza was infected with COVID-19 but still felt the consequences of the virus after testing negative. 

She didn’t quite feel herself. 

At Novastem we helped Esperanza return to her desired state by using a mixture of regenerative medicine treatments. 

If you’re experiencing fatigue, lung burn or chronic cough please contact us as soon as possible.

Clara still felt the fatigue and lung burn after testing negative for COVID-19. 

She was looking for a regenerative medicine alternative to help her recover from the deadly virus. 

After she came to Novastem, she experienced great relief and was well on her way to optimal health.

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