How Hockey legend Gordie Howe overcome stroke with stem cells

How Hockey legend Gordie Howe overcome stroke with stem cells

Gordie Howe was legend on the hockey, he played five decades and won many achievements such as NHL’s most valuable player and top point-scorer, he played from his teens into his early 50s, even arenas and bridges was named upon his legend, Gordie Howe was an old fashioned strong man he lived a healthy life that supported his lifestyle, friends and family admire his courage to play hockey against young people and thrive on a rude sport that supports strength and some violence to win, at 1971 after twenty seasons Howe decided to retire and live a calm life. 

One day when Gordie Howe was on their 87, Gordie suffered a stroke which caused the losing use of his right arm and leg, his speech was slurred and he was unable to swallow food by himself.

A stroke is characterized by an obstruction on the blood that reaches a part of the brain generally caused by a thrombus, caused by risk factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases among others.  The brain cells cannot get the habitual blood and nutrients because the obstruction and brain regions began to die fast, the loss of parts of the brain can cause unexpected problems on the body, such as permanent disability, brain damage or even loss of life.  

Gordie Howe life changed completely, their family was losing hope since the poor prognosis of medical science, the possibilities of permanent disabilities or something worse was demoralizing,Howe´s even declared, take me out and shoot me, recalled his family, he was not joking, remembered his son, I said to him that we should try if we can help you first.

Their prayers were heard, they found an experimental stem cell treatment at Tijuana Novastem clinic in Mexico, where they experienced a life changing turnaround to the events.

Howe received a stem cell treatment based on two full injections of stem cells into his spinal column and other intravenously, Howe started to walk again, he hadn’t walked in two months, he began to walk slowly and speak but not loudly. His progress made him able to travel to Canada where he was honoured in his hometown by their sports achievements.

Gordie howe slowly began to gain the weight he loss since the stroke and began physical and occupational therapy for recovering, their physical therapist declared “Howe was doing very well for his age, he’s made significant functional gains”

Traditional stroke treatment

The only approved treatments of acute ischemic stroke involve restoring blood flow to the affected region by using thrombolytics or mechanical devices that physically remove clots. However, the use of thrombolytics is limited due to a therapeutic window of several days or even just a couple hours (depending on the drug) after the onset of stroke symptoms. Because of this, only a small fraction of stroke patients receive the required therapy in full.

Conservative medicine has no considerable methods which could promote recovery other than physical, occupational, and speech therapy. In recent years, the hope for improvement after a stroke has been associated with regenerative medicine. In particular, with the use of cell-based products.

The Novastem Stem Cell treatment advantages

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